Past, Present, Perfection

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There is much to be said about how we perceive life all around us.

I think that we spend far too much time in the past and we should forgive ourselves more.

Perhaps, we should also spend less time planning a perfect future because more often than not, life does not work according to a detailed plan.

Very often, we forget about the precious present moment that's in our hands right now.

Have you ever spent a minute doing something you really loved? That minute probably felt like eternity.

Like your first kiss? The moment you got married… Waiting in the delivery room for your baby!

That's what living in the present moment is all about. Unforgettable. Time literally slows down and you never want to let it go.

Perhaps we should live more in the pleasures of the Present moment. Go on, take a moment. Live for a while. Take a deep breath.

You are getting the best gift you ever need today – The Present.

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PathDirect Turns Dark in Support of Earth Hour!

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PathDirect Turns Dark in Support of Earth Hour!

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Your Light Switch is Your Vote: Vote Earth Now!

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Your Light Switch is Your Vote: Vote Earth Now!

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